International airlines handwriting boarding passes

Some International airlines have started offering handwritten boarding permits to their customers.

Rwanda Air and Egypt Air, according to our source, are two of the airlines that have recently joined the ranks of those distributing handwritten boarding permits.

A passenger (name withheld) who recently boarded a Rwand Air trip from Nigeria to Rwanda confirmed to our correspondent that she was given a handwritten boarding card.

International airlines handwriting boarding passes

Similarly, another person on a flight from Nigeria to Egypt had the same experience.

Though no official explanation has been given for this development, passengers who spoke with our correspondent suggested that it could have been due to technical issues or the airlines had run out of ink.

Spokesperson for the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, Mr Samuel Adurogboye, said airlines sometimes issued handwritten boarding passes under various circumstances, including technical issues and breakdown of systems.

He added that airlines might resort to issuing handwritten boarding passes in order not to delay their air passengers.

A Nigerian lady had last year called out one of the Nigerian airlines for issuing her a handwritten boarding pass after rescheduling her flight twice.

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