1999 constitution made to favour only some ethnic groups – Anglican Bishop

The Anglican Church has condemned the 1999 constitution as a poisoned text that was written to elevate one portion of the country over another.

Rt. Revd Simeon Borokini, Bishop of the Akure Diocese of the Anglican Church, says the constitution bequeathed for Nigerians by colonial masters remains the best for the country.

The Bishop who said this at Alade-Idanre, Ondo State, explained that if the constitution was reviewed the wrongs in it which people have been complaining about would be corrected.

Bishop Borokini added that the flaws in the document had been the reason for the current level of acrimony and lack of mutual trust across the country.

He said “The 1999 constitution needs to be revisited. It was done to favour certain ethnic parts of the country and not others.

“So, I will suggest that the constitution should be revisited so that it will bring unity among the people so that it will not be a constitution that favours certain ethnic groups. The constitution is not practicable.

He also suggested that reports of the past national conferences as well as the recommendations by the El-Rufai committee serve as useful resource materials to produce a “Nigerian Constitution of our dream.”

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