Deplorable road condition as heavily loaded trailer skids off balance

By Douglas John Sarki.

The western by-pass road in Kaduna, links the southern and northern Nigerian states. Consequent upon this, this road witnesses vehicles plying it for twenty four daily. A visit or a drive along this road will enable one know it’s huge significance in the conveyance of human and economic cargoes to either the southern or the northern part of Nigeria.

There is no any iota of doubt on the economic importance of the Kaduna western by-pass road. It is along this road that one can see luxury buses from south-east of Nigeria, conveying people to Kano, Katsina, Sokoto , Zamfara State etc.

On the other side of the exchange, one can see vehicles heading out of northern Nigeria and driving towards the southern part of Nigeria. These vehicles are always loaded with economic goods such as cattle, tomatoes, pepper, yams, onions etc.

These vehicles can be spotted at any hour of the day. However, what happens if the Kaduna western by-pass road is in a deplorable condition? We all know what happens to free flow of traffic.

Since this road plays massive role in the movement of vehicles from one end of Nigeria to the other, therefore, it deserves the unreserved attention of the federal government of Nigeria.

Moreover, it is a Trunk-A road. Unfortunately, this Kaduna western by-pass road has been long neglected by the government. It was constructed in 1976. Does this important road deserve the treatment it is passing through by the government? It is a road of huge strategic economic significance.

Right now, vehicles driven along this road can be seen swerving from left to right in desperate attempts to avoid holes. Sometimes ago, the bad condition of the road sent loaded trailer jacking and jostling here and there, and half of it broke off and crash landed on a gulf-two cab while both vehicles were in motion.

Surely, some sort of disaster! I witnessed a trailer driver who nearly plunged his vehicle into a gorge while avoiding pot-holes. In fact, some of the pot-holes have grown up and acquired the status of deep pits of long-time-spots of grenade explosions.

This heavily loaded trailer skidded off balance and escaped by a hair’s breath from plunging itself into a gorge along the Kaduna western by-pass road. It was heading to southern Nigeria. Were it that it happened, it would have been a colossal loss of human and economic goods.

It is for this unquestionable reason that the federal government of Nigeria must ensure that this key road, which was constructed in 1976, is given prioritized attention. For now, one can see only patching of the road going on as a perliative measure. Certainly, it is a mere drop in the ocean.

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