George Moghalu is a credible candidate for APC – Adigwe

By Emma Chinenye

A political analyst in Anambra State, John Adigwe, has responded to the earlier write up geared towards disapproving the integrity of one of the aspirants in APC, George Moghalu.

Adigwe said in a statement that the credibility of George Moghalu had been on top esteem and cannot be dragged to the mud.

According to him, “I am not holding brief for Chief, Dr. George Moghalu or his campaign organisation. As an interested Member of All Progressive Congress in Anambra West, I think this time for us to say the truth at all times, no matter what. However, at this time, when it appears that men have sold their souls and truth has become perverted on the altar of over weening ambition and personal interest, there is a need for people of good conscience to speak the truth as they understand it.

I read the above referenced article by One Mr Okey Okeke, and it is laughable to see this unscrupulous elements talking about “demonlishing a house”. It is unfortunate that the people who willfully conspired and abated the arrogant rape of the will of APC followers, didn’t consider that their actions might lead to chaos, and anarchy in the party within the state.

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The bane of our democracy is the absence of internal democracy in political parties as witnessed and exemplified in Anambra APC recently and as long as acts bothering within the ambit of electoral frauds are not punished the infamous gladiators will continue to thrive and weaken our collective will.

From the records of this great Party and politicians I have come to known to be great Politicians in our dear State, the purported individual Mr Okey Okeke to the best of my knowledge does not exist. Thus, I would ordinarily not have responded to such a faceless individual, but for the sake of some of the issues raised by the hatchet writer. The need for this reply has arisen.

It is obvious that the intention of the faceless writer is to malign the Personality of Chief Dr George Moghalu and to force him to quit the fight he has commenced against the injustice of June 26th 2021.

However for record purposes, for the sake of posterity and the avoidance of doubt, I will set the record straight for the number of years I have known and seen Chief Dr George Moghalu. Chief Dr. George Moghalu is a man who has distinguished himself among Progressive elements in the Country and our Party. His personality as a Person and reputation has never been questioned or found wanting in any assignment given to him. Chief Dr George Moghalu is a gentleman par Excellence and family man.

The hired henchman alledged that Chief Dr Moghalu is fronting for another Aspirant from Nnewi. This statement is as laughable as it is beyond the ambit of reality. Not only has the APC allowed itself to become a weapon of injustice, it has now been turned to an object of ridicule by some classless elements.

Now, back to the facts. It is on record that amongst the Political Class in Anambra and Nigeria, Chief Dr George Moghalu remains in the first percentile. Within his native Nnewi and within this party, he remains the number one political strength to be reckoned with. He is one of the politicians who is not known for jumping from one Political Party to another. Throughout his political trajectory, he has remained with the APP that became ANPP and later joined the merger that birthed the All Progressives Congress (APC).

It is equally on record that Chief Dr George Moghalu was offered juicy appointments such as Ambassadorial positions, Minsterial Appointments etc., while he was serving as the National Secretary of APP/ANPP during Obasanjo and Yar’dua regimes. He continuously declined those offers and stuck with the ANPP as a member of the opposition Party in the Country for 16 years.

Even most recently, as a member of the newly formed APC, Chief Dr Moghalu was appointed as a member of a Federal Government Board by His Excellency, Dr Johnathan Ebele Goodluck and in his usual manner, he graciously declined this appointment while thanking the president for the honour. How then do people measure principled person and man of integrity and honour.

Such insinuation or claim that he is fronting for an Aspirant from Nnewi is baseless and without foundation and I make bold to ask, Who could that aspirant be? Who is that Aspirant whose Integrity can match Ohamadike’s own among the Political class in Nnewi and beyond.

Another allegation made by the purported faceless Mr okey Okeke is that Dr George Moghalu has funded his election from the coffers of the National Inland Waterways Authority and the acclaimed aspirant whom he fronts for. It is on record, within one year and some months, Chief Dr George Moghalu has turned around the fortunes of NIWA. His Marvellous achievements in NIWA speaks for itself.

While we understand that some elements within the party who perpetrated the June 26th heist have reached a new height of desperation and desperate times calls for desperate measures. I would like to state categorically that this is another baseless allegation.

Chief Dr Moghalu has been a successful business man and has not relied on political appointments to survive. As opposition figure in the Country, his integrity was never in doubt. May I remind this hatchet writer that Ohamadike Nnewi has purchased and contested elections for the office of the governor of Anambra State on three previous occasions starting as far back as 2003. On his previous outings, he did not hold any elected or appointed political office but still funded his elections single handedly. No individual or corporate organisation has come out to say that Chief Dr George Moghalu is indebted to them.

It is evidently clear that the latest assault and multiple assassination of character of Ohamadike is a poor attempt to intimidate him into withdrawing his suit instituted before the Federal High Court sitting in Abuja.

Let this be heard loud and clear, to this paid hatchet writer and those who will attempt more blackmail to malign this good man. No amount of pressure or threat will stop him from doing the right thing and seeing this matter to a justifiable end. Ohamadike is on course to restore the glory of the Party.

As any serious contestant would do, during the build up to the Primary Election, Chief Dr George Moghalu toured all the 21 Local Government Areas in the State on two different times. Chief Dr George Moghalu subjected himself to the Public for scrutiny and there was a consensus among Political Elites across Party lines that Chief Dr George Moghalu is one of the best Aspirants to fly APC Falgbearer. It is also on record that during Covid-19 pandemic, Chief Dr George Moghalu was there for Our Party and the good people of Anambra State.

Again, claims that Dr Moghalu parted with upto N500 million to some “power brokers” is amusing. This N500 Million only exist in the imagination of the paid writer and his master. It is laughable when charlatans want to make themselves relevant. I would like to ask the assertive Mr Okeke to please mention the recipients of these money, how much was given to each of them and where it was shared.

Mr paid Pseudonyms Writer, while I appreciate the beauty inherent in the freedom of expression, I make due to remind the purported Mr Okeke and all other writers, journalists and supporters of the aberration of the people’s right to vote in the June 26th APC primary election that where one’s rights starts is where the other person’s own ends.

Finally, to all of Ohamadike’s supporters and general party members, our Principal will not relent until justice is achieved.

From his responses as we met in Abuja last weekend and this is what he has to say to APC Party faithful and his supporters in Anambra State and beyond, “These are trying times and our patience, faith, will and collective strength shall be severely tested. We must remain steadfast. Our beloved party for which we have toiled must return to its glory. The progressive ideas of our founding members will not be truncated or ridiculed. We will not fold our hands and allow strangers hijack the party for their selfish interest. Power belongs to the people and the people must be allowed to dictate their own destiny. I believe in God and he has never failed me. We will fight to the finish.”

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