Media trial and the value of self sacrifice

By Yahaya Balarabe Umar

Personally, I was heartbroken by the allegations levelled against DCP Abba Kyari and disappointed by those celebrating the downfall of such a patriot. I asked my self, what will be the reward of self sacrifice in service, especially, of our security personnel, that put their lives on the line just to let us sleep?

We love to celebrate evil and we are quick to pull down the righteous among us. In a similar case, Ahmed Isa, the ordinary president, who has used his platform and resources to ensure the vulnerable have access to justice, was recently subjected to public ridicule. All because he violated a supposed perpetrator of harm to a minor. Our gallant troops in battlefronts have received worse condemnation and attacks by Nigerians. And so many of similar experiences.

So it is not just about the person of Abba Kyari or the Nigerian police that we tend to detest so much, but the media trial by Nigerians, that are not less fallible in our own little ways. People cannot be denied their right to make an opinion but it is our duty to be fair, objective and avoid drawing conclusion over matters that are sub judice. If for nothing at least for someone that have sacrificed so much for betterment of our security. Moreover, section 36(5) of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999 (as amended) provides that every person who is charged with a criminal offence shall be presumed to be innocent until he or she is proved guilty.

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According to Haruspice: “There is no way DCP Abba Kyari won’t fall into this pit, he is young, handsome, and gifted with the dexterity of a rare star. He burst crimes, dig out criminals from their crevices and make them face the law. In local parlance, he is a true replica of the American intriguing blockbuster hero Jackbuar in the movie titled ’24’! There is nowhere you will have all these and not fall to the hubris of human flaws.

DCP Abba Kyari changed the face of policing in Nigeria, from a discreet force to a solution prone institution where crimes that hitherto takes forever to unravelled gets solved with Abba’s snap of a finger. He revolutionized policing in Nigeria and made it an elite security outfit especially the arm of the police he heads. What Abba can’t burst, then, isn’t yet a crime. He is a human sniffing machine, crime dreads him.” (@Haruspice)

But, what if the allegations levelled against him are true? I ask myself, is it that the country cannot produce upright people? The thought of this hurts me and leaves me sick. As good as our vice president seems to appear, there is an allegation of four billion naira hanging on his neck. Farouk Lawal of the integrity group saw dollars and couldn’t resist. A lot of our men of God have done the unthinkable at one point in time or the other.

Hardly does our supposed shinning stars end their time in office without one form of allegation or the other. Some of them excelled internationally in their different careers only to be invited home and got rubbished. One of my finest Lecturer and mentor, Professor Mohammed-Dabo, once said, “Nigerians have a virus that is active when they are in the country and becomes inactive as soon as they go abroad”. But are the allegations always true or do we just hate having good people? It is true Nigerians are quick to believe and assume the worse about their best.

As for our super cop, he has been a beacon of hope, in a country many see as a symbol of corruption. But the revelations are deep and a huge disappointment that will be hard to recover from should he be found guilty. However, the law must take it’s course.

There is a good lesson for all of us here. Bad guys have a way of getting at public officials. We must be careful in dealing with people at all times. With apologies, a Hausa proverb says ‘kowa ya iya allonsa ya wanke’. But again what is the value of self sacrifice or selfless service in a Nigerian setting?

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