See Most Dangerous Place For Women To Live

By Douglas John Sarki.

It becomes completely shocking if there are places that are dangerous for women to live. It becomes more shocking if such places are even the home-countries of such women. Why should a woman’s home-country be a dangerous place for her to live? Could it be as a result of culture or shere moral decadence in the men? A woman is a lovely friend and a partner to a man.

And as such, why should a man target a woman and subject her to a brutal death?

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We have different continents in the world, and as such, different people and cultural practices. Whatever the case is, should a woman be treated as a negligible object under the mercy of a man? Who says the life of a woman is not important? The women give men sweet and warm emotional comfort and support when they are having a private time with them. They satisfy the dry emotions of a man and give him a renewed emotional stability. Therefore, our women are undoubtedly very important. Some of the countries in north America happen to be night-mare places for their women. Examples include Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador etc.

In this connection, Honduras happens to be the most dangerous place for its women to live. There is complete violence against the women in this country. In every 16 hours, there is a woman murdered brutally. It is done without any reservations by the men of Honduras. The main cause of this open violence against women is on sexual advance by a man. Thus, the woman dates not say no to such. In Honduras, women are seen and treated as public sex injects. Although they can report to the police, it mostly yields nothing. This was the case of a lady in Honduras, called Lillian.

She was assaulted many times and raped by men. On reporting to the police, she was asked to bring money and her sister for sex. She was stunned. And so, it has always remained like this. It is this situation that has seen many families losing their daughters, wives, sisters and mothers. Does not Honduras have a law against femicide?

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