The Contagious Theory Of Kidnappings

Douglas John Sarki

In Nigeria, people have always been feeling scared of the issue of kidnappings.

The acts of kidnappings became popular in Nigeria in the Niger-Delta region.

Admittedly, it was purely for economic reasons. In other words, it was done by Niger-Delta youths to collect a ransom to be used in taking care of family members.

It became a booming activity as foreigners were the predominant targets in the Niger-Delta oil fields in Nigeria.

In northern Nigeria today, the rate of kidnappings has seen unrelenting spates. In this context, the predominant targets are students. Some examples include the famous kidnap of Chibok girls in Borno State, Nigeria. The kidnappings of some students of Green-Field University and other students from a forestry school in the same Kaduna State. Private individuals have also fallen victims of kidnapping activities in various places in northern Nigeria.

Most of these kidnappings are carried out on political reasons and the others on economic reasons.

The Crux of the matter is that one may ask if kidnapping activities take place mostly in Nigeria. And we all know that they take place at gun-point.

What happens in other countries around the world? The answer to this question will certainly be of interest to you.

Observation has shown that Nigeria does not rank among the first five countries in the world with the highest number of kidnappings.

In fact, a study by shows that New-Zealand, from the pacific region of the world ranks at number one. Others are Pakistan, Luxembourg, Germany and Equador, as the top five.

Therefore, it becomes absolutely interesting to know that kidnappings take place in countries one might not expect at all. Here are some other countries in which acts of kidnappings take place.

They are Canada, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Australia, Ukraine, Ireland etc.

Possibly, Nigeria must have learnt the obnoxious act of kidnappings from other countries when their citizens visited Nigeria and got Nigerians infected with this terrifying activity.

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