Why cases of fake love are on the rise nowadays

By: Mukhtar Garba Kobi

Foundation that bonded first created beings (Adam and Eve) was love, for centuries love has been playing major roles in making two families in to one, enemies to partners in progress, oppositors to supporters, etc.

True love can be identified when lovers are committed, passionate and unwavering towards each other’s progress; they trusted and have confidence on one another. Some people are in to relationships because they do not want to be alone; they need someone to keep them in company.

True and unconditional love leads to marriage but its absence result in unending regrets. Nowadays both genders prefer fictious fantasies to realities.

Youths often times fall in to relationships without actually knowing what to make it last forever, majority of guys are driven in to love by parents’ wealth, coca-cola shapes and fair skin which pushed black-skinned ladies bleach their natural melanin skins. Ladies are taken away by latest automobiles, expensive luxuries and money not minding to dig-out the source.

It is true that any relationship that is built on superficial beauties could not last for long, whenever what attracted ladies or gents in to love are no more; unreasonable quarrel ensues which lead to breakup.

Marriage which is supposed to be forever till unresolving contend or death set partners apart has now turn to like wearing and removing slippers; people are easily married and divorce on issues which if elders intervene could be resolved amicably.

The increase in rates of breakups and divorces are in line with the way guys or husbands are acting so hard like fathers while ladies or wives are left to be submissive like children. Good traditions during courtships or in marriages which our parents had are now waning that’s why lovers are stunted by problems.

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Humans are born to love and be loved, true love is one of the reasons we are living peacefully with one another. Some features of fake love include depreciating efforts of the partners, disgracing partner especially in public and feeling lonely even when your lover is around. The difference between the two is vivid, in true love, your partner loves you truly the way you are while in fake love your partner is only after what you have and when that thing is no more he or she dumps you. In fake love, your partner act romantically on social media or in public but privately with you is different.

Always paying for what both of you consumed, conversation starter without an effort from your partner, unfulfilling promises made, the first to reach out on social media, text or calls it is unarguable that you are in fake relationship. Misunderstanding is inevitable even by true lovers but fake lover tend not to apologize even if he or she is guilty. Being in one-sided relationship end up in nowhere but heartbreak. Relationship that was built on fake lifestyles paves way for fake love; fake lovers send heart-soothing messages but their actions in reality are not in alignment with such messages.

True love should be the bridge that link two hearts together, this can be achieved by building relationship based on truth and lovers should be cutting coat according to their sizes. Fake lifestyles need to be avoided and parents must train their wards well; good upbringing is the first stage of actualizing true love between parents and children, boyfriend and girlfriend, husband and wife, etc. Male suitors should be considering character first then followed by beauty, beauty fades as time flies while good attitudes last as long as bearer lives. True lover should be like a moon that shines peacefully not like a sun that shine but scorches

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