Domestic Violence: Venomous factor that distorts marital life

By: Mukhtar Garba Kobi

Marriage universally is seen as the only legal way through which two parties come together as one for the purpose of mutual living and procreation. Children that are born in violent homes are considered in Africa as violent too, violent and derelicted parents are pioneers in fueling whatever they become. If proper care is not taken, they would grow up and continue from where such parents stop. It is one of the factors that lead to broken homes, ruining the lives as wells as good ambitions of family members. In homes where parents regularly fights, students there find it hard to focus on what they do; they are often parenticaly pressured, academically distracted and behaviorically derailed.

Domestic violence is a major societal problem which is now widespread; it affects millions of people globally and often results in physical and emotional injuries. Children are the future of every generation; they are the reflections of their parents because they behave, speak, act and relate with relatives or outsiders way their parents. Furthermore, domestic violence makes inhabitants of community develop disrespect and indignity towards parents that are always quarrelling. If unfortunately divorce comes in and suitors from such homes go out seeking for marriages; no reasonable family would marry off their daughters them.

The increase in the rates of domestic violence has hugely contributed in poor performances of students, stimulating youths for political or religious thuggeries and such parents are frequently traumatized instead of solace from their children. Similarly, domestic violence ranges from physical, verbal, sexual, economical and sometimes theological. The aged long traditions of merging families in marriage without the consent of couples is of recent turning violent, it was due to absence love between the duo. Marriage is meant to be forever till death set the partners apart but regular violences have been the reasons for high rate of broken homes.

High level of ignorance especially in villages where forceful marriage occurs is another cause; educationally wise couples find it easier to reach concrete agreements on family issues but it is hard when it involves ignorant couples. Poor parental upbringing from both sides also pushes for domestic violence; no family would be in peace if partners in marriage grew up in crude homes and trained by violent parents. Irresponsible parenting is another key initiator that triggers for domestic violence, when head of the family is performing below expectation or totally negligible to his tasks; it moulds wives to be violent.

It must definitely affect students no matter how excellent they perform in schools if they would come back home and find parents exchanging blows or using abusive words against each other. Other causes are high level of poverty, witnessing family violence as a child, low self-worth and some assault their partners under the influence of hard drugs or alcohol. In summary, to mitigate the cases of domestic violence or totally stop it, there is need for all stakeholders to play their roles effectively. Parents should put a halt to tradition of forceful marriages; by allowing daughters and sons to marry people they love in-so-far they are not of questionable characters.

Community and religious leaders are two categories that everyone is respecting; they should therefore be preaching the gospels of peace and resolving family quarrels amicably without heading for divorce. Responsible parenting should be made mandatory; this would make parents stick to their tasks of providing essentials for family members and that would also end street hawking by teenage girls. Try and Make Homes Violence Free Today!!

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