President Buhāri: A marshal who must die as a martyr

“Indai Har Buhāri Kan iya Kwana da Matarsa a Gado Guda, Lallai Bashi da Uzurin Rashin Fita Yāki Tare da Dākarunsa”.

“If President Buhāri Shall be Healthy enough to Sleep Well with his Wife on the Same Bed, for Sure he doesn’t have the Slightest Excuse to Stay away from his Forces Fighting the Enemy of the State”.

Only Few Days ago i was Passing as a “Dawn Jogger” by group of Some People Firmly Seated on a Long Bench in a “Tea Corner” Lower to “BUK Old Site”, where the Old Gate of “Kābuga” Stood, then i heard these “Involuntary Words” Coming from the Lips of a Labourer Munching and Sipping his Early Morning Tea over a “Tēburin Mai-Shāyi” alongside his Co-Working Colleagues.

And as i was working Down towards the Famous “Jan Blo” Housing Estate in the Heart of Kano, almost Heading towards “Rījiyan Zāki” via BUK New Site, i kept wondering on the Real Meaning Contained in those “Simple Sentence” that Crept and Echoed into My Ears as i Hurled my way away from those Poor Labour-Workers with Clusters of Tears Mounting and Rolling in the Socket of My Eyes. I know these Guy who Uttered these “Weighty Words” is not Saying it from his Ignorant Psyche even if he happens to be Learned formally or informally. Yes, to me he is Ignorant because he Just Said what he Says without knowing what his Words Really Carries in Weight and Magnitude as far as the Burdens of Leadership Entails when the Almighty is Using his Tongue (despite his Feeble Position) to Voice Out a Concrete Reality.

Personally i deemed what i heard as a Message from Allāh Ta’āla to no other Person but firstly to Me, Tacitly Believing that I’m being “Tasked” by the Almighty Creator to “Jot Down” the Seemingly Divine Wording and Present them to the World so that they Technically Reach to those Concern to hear them as I’m exactly doing, Writing Same Right Now.


No Civilisation in Human History was Chronicled to have its Leadership being Ran behind the Curtains of Palaces, Mansions and Villas either in War, or in Peace no Matter the Circumstance and Condition Prevailing.

The “Greek, Roman and Persian Empires” have all Ploughed their Soils and Flourished in Full Sovereignty Under Leaders Serving as Full Commanders of their Armed Forces so Much So that “Total Confidence” from their People were Perfectly Preserved in them Contrary to Weaker Rulers who Operate their Governments and States while Lying behind the Backs of their “Consorts” (Wives), their Queens, Princesses and First Ladies.

Leaders either Running their States as “Politically Placed” (by Election and Selection) or “Divinely Proxied” as Messengers and Prophets from God are always “Charged Parliamentarily” or “Commissioned Angelically” to Shoulder the Burdens of their States as Military Commanders who go to the Battlefields to Fight the Enemy Whoever he is (either as a Local Mutineer or an External Insurgent).

Kings David and Solomon who were Prophets of God have been “Fighting Commanders” Commanding their Cavalry and Infantry. Moses Reinforces his Forces of the Children of Israel to Fight Pharaoh’s Army even without throwing a Single Arrow until their Enemies were Completely Drowned.

The “Great Goliath”, and all the Leaders that Led the Children of Israel were Commanders of their Military who always Featured on the Battlefield.

And almost all Political and Religious Leaders of all the “Dynamic Dynasties” that have been in Power and who have Made history Until Our Most Recent Times were Commanding Officers Venturing and Featuring even if “Frantically” (Unceremoniously) on the Battlefield.

Sayyidinā “Abūbakar, Umar, Uthmān” were all Commanders who have Fought Hard Wars; And Imām Ali because of his Tireless Commitment to Commanding his Forces attained “Martyrdom” (Shahādäh) on the Battlefield alongside Some of his Family Members.

The Ottoman Turkish Leadership that have Conquered Nations and Countries, Subjugated Many Parts of the World for nearly Eight Hundred Years Right into the Heart of Europe were Commanders and Fighters who have Never Left their Forces Fighting Alone on the Battlefields.

Idrīs Alõoma, Mansa Mūsä, Usmān Dan-Fõdio, Umar Al-Fūtiy, Muhammad Bello, Abdullahi Gwandu were All Leaders and Commanding Officers who have Featured on the Battlefields with their Armed Forces.

In the Most recent history of the World, Napoleon, Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin, Churchill, De Gaule, Nāsir, Saddam Hussein, Habre, Omar Al-Bashīr and the Recent Chadian Hero, Late Idrīs Deby were Political Leaders who have Commanded their Forces Fighting “Shoulder-to-Shoulder” in their Ranks Right on the Battlefield.

Late Col. Muammar Gaddafi Passed Away Defending the Supreme Sovereignty of his People by attaining a Perfect Martyrdom after Development his Country to the Fullest of Achievement.


Whoever “Adviser” Sitting inside Aso Rock, or Somewhere, Somehow Sipping his Glass of Champagne in a Corner of a Bar in Hilton, Sheraton or Relaxing in any of the Resorts and Mansions in Abuja will Keep on Telling President Buhāri to “Stay away from Sambisa Forest, Away from all the Thick Thickets (Forests) of Zamfara, Away from Birnin Gwāri Bushes, far, far away from all the Unsecured Zones of North-Central, Eastern and Southern Nigeria because his Life will be at Risk”; Such Advisers, Aides and Political Harlots and Prostitutes are nothing but Enemies of the State, Traitors to Nigerians and Friends of Satan, for they have Lost all Human Conscience in Love and Sympathy for their Own People.

As a Committed and Patriotic Citizen, Sacrificing Army Officer, Sincere Leader, True Muslim, Pious Believer who Loves and Adores his Creator, President Muhammadu Buhāri knows Well that he will definitely One Day Meet The Almighty God to “Answer Just Few Questions” about Nigeria, indeed Quite Few because the Almighty Lord is So Merciful to Buhāri throughout his Life, and So Shall He (The Almighty be on that Day) not to Dwell too Much on the “Aging Agile General” lest he Shall be Confused, but for Sure Buhāri knows that Allāh Ta’āla will Ask him even if on nothing else, at Least on,

“His own Promises towards Ending all the Insecurities Ravaging his Most Beloved Fatherland even if that Shall Cost him his Life”.

That was exactly what “General Muhammadu Buhāri” Promised Allāh Ta’āla, his Absolute Creator when he Stood before his Countrymen and Women in all his Political Struggles that he Shall Deliver if given the Mandate to Lead.

President Muhammadu Buhāri was into his “Sixth Year” in Office, and until this very Day, Nigerians have Never Seen Buhāri as that Same Promising “Army General”_ who have Fought Wars on behalf of his Country being Relegated to the Degree of a Somewhat Mere “Political Parrot” who is Manufactured and Assembled to keep “Repeating” Empty Noises of;

“We Shall Win the War against All the Insecurities Challenging Us as a Nation”.

Ending Bõko Harām, Armed Banditry, Kidnappings, Separatists Movements, Cultists Activities is Much a Priority Similar in Weight as in Fighting Corruption which Our Beloved President ought to be Always Reminded by those Advisers Closer to the President Muhammadu Buhāri if at all they Serving him “Selflessly and not Selfishly”.

To Our Knowledge those Were “Buhāri’s Priorities” when he Requested Nigerians to Vote him into Office because he Knew Quite Well and has been Saying it both to “Post and Ante” becoming Occupant of Aso Rock.

Prophet Muhammad (SAW), “Buhāri’s Namesake” whom he Loves above his Most Beloved Mother in Daura Town was asked as was Well Documented in the Holy Qur’ān by the Almighty Allāh Ta’āla to Tell All Believers that,

Muhammad is but a Messenger; Shall it be that if he Dies or is Assassinated, You (who Believed in him) will Turn Your Backs Away from (The Truth); Nay indeed whosoever Shall Turn away his Back, his Turning Away will Never Harm Allāh. And for Surety, Allāh Shall Reward those who are Grateful to Him in Abundant Measures

Lest we Forget, Scientists have Confirmed that the “Horsepower Energy” between Couples and Spouses is as the Same Energy Required to allow them Fighting a Fight.

To be Killed as the President and Commander-in-Chief in Honour of Defending, Serving and Saving One’s Country is Greater than Dying on Bed in Disgrace, Distress and Dejection.

“May Allāh’s Compassion be Upon President Muhammadu Buhāri as he Battles with Ungrateful Politicians who hindered him from Discharging his Mandatory Duty to the Best of his Ability”.

Jum’äh Mubārakah (Blessed Friday) with Allāh’s Protection Upon All Nigerians, Today and Forever

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