Ummah maintain silence on discussing blasphemous treatises

Shall the Ummah maintain silence on discussing blasphemous treatises just because someone is going to be made popular out of it, or our enemies controlling the media will be enriched?

“I prefer to keep mute on this rubbish going on in the social media! I do not expect you to venture into this!!

“I find it very hard to even hear such discourse because I believe right in the middle of my heart that they have deviated. I only pray for their guidance! Giving them Publicity gives them Popularity and the Yahud have got what they want. Not only that, you continue to waste time.

“In less than 30 minutes Prof. Mu’azu told me same or similar position was aired by Shaykh Dahiru Bauchi. Alhamdulillah we have same position with the revered Shaykh!!” – Prof. Muhammad Kyari, History Dept. Unimaid, Nigeria

Above were Our Good Brother’s Response to My Initial Article on “Abdul-Jabbār’s Blasphemous Saga” that has Caused Row in Northern Nigeria Over the Months.

Now, the Question as the Title of Our Present Write-up Suggests is what we Shall Carefully and Cautiously Discuss Bi’iznillāh.

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When Someone will Come out and Declare that we Shouldn’t Bother to Discuss “Trending Issues” that Affects Our Dearest Ummah, Directly or Indirectly, and expect everyone to Shut Up and Forget about whatsoever is going on across the Social Media Outlets like Wildfire Just because we Mustn’t allow Our Enemies to Make Monetary Profits Out of Our Comments, Sharing, Offloading and Downloading, and so on and So forth, indeed Such a Person Belongs to the “Stone Age”, Primitive or Somehow Completely Lost in Phantoms.

Let’s Just take a Step Backwards and Recap the Tussles between the Noble “Sheikh Dāhiru Bauchi” (Hafizahullāh) and Late “Sheikh Abūbakar Gummi” (Gafarallāhu Lahu) over their Discrepancies especially Gummi’s Position Concerning “Mysticism” or “Tasawwüf” (Sūfi Orders of Tijjāniyyah, Qādiriyyah and others) which Sheikh Dāhiru used to Counter Openly on FRCN, Kaduna for nearly 40 Years. In fact not for a Single Moment Sheikh Dāhiru has Declined Making “Reprisal Rejoinder” (Radd) Just because he doesn’t want to Accord Gummi “Popularity”, Never indeed, the Sheikh in fact Continued with his Counter-Attack to this very Day when he was in his Docile Aging, almost Closer to “Senile Dementia” if not for the Light of the Glorious Qur’ān he is Carrying in his Bosom.


My good Friend, Prof. Kyari Made a Misnomer or Malaprophism by Referring to “Fame” (which Represents being Well Known) with “Popularity” (Reflecting a Position when one is Liked by Many). Now, who will ever expect that, by iscussing Abdul-Jabbār’s Blasphemous Remarks we Make him Attain to the Position of being “Liked”; Truly no Muslim Would ever Conceive that to happen, he will for Sure be Hated instead. That’s only to Correct the Concept.


Without any Reservation or Apology to anyone, we wouldn’t be wrong to Say that “Satan” is the Most Famous Creature that ever lives in this Vast Universe, but that doesn’t Makes “Popular”, in fact Everybody “Dislikes” him including those working for him, Promoting his Activities in all Spheres of Life, because every Sees his Darkest Side without Seeing him.

Whatever “Evil” is Committed or happens in any Corner of the World, “Satan” is always held Responsible for that, and this very Reality is Known to every Human Society that Lives as a Community irrespective of their Religion and Culture.


The Qur’ānic Verse Often Cited by Many of Our Brothers, including Prof. Maqari to “Derail, Deter, Deprive and Detract” People (Muslims of Course) from Engaging into “Sacrilegious Talks” of this Nature doesn’t Really Represented the Ideal Argument to that very Effect.

{وَ لَوْلَآ إِذْ سَمِعْتُمُوهُ قُلْتُم مَّا يَكُونُ لَنَآ أَن نَّتَكَلَّمَ بِهَٰذَا سُبْحَٰنَكَ هَٰذَا بُهْتَٰنٌ عَظِيمٌ}

《And why was it that when You heard about it Shouldn’t have Said; It is Never Befitting on Us to Indulge in Such Talks. Glory be to You, Indeed this is Nothing but a Great Slander》.– Nūr/Verse:16

The True Interpretation of this Divine Reprimand Verses of Sūräh Al-Nūr Actually Expounds the “Prevailing Person” of Rasūlulläh (SAW) whose Presence at the Time of the Sayyidäh Ā’ishah’s (RTA) Trashing Slanderous Case was Lied to Rest.

Any Attempt to Correspond the Ideal Meaning of why the above Verse was Meant for is an Insignificant Utility to establish what doesn’t Concord in Principle to Abdul-Jabbār’s Blasphemous Saga. The Truth is, Umminā Ā’ishah’s Case “Provided Proofs” for her Innocence from those “Hypocritical Libel” against the Chastity of One of the Most “Purest Women” in Human History, therefore we Mustn’t Make Any “Sourced Deduction” from Sayyidäh Ā’ishah’s Unique Parable, for the Two Instances Can’t Naturally be Balanced on the basis of Any “Ijtihād” however Crude the Condition happens to Appear.

Another Angle of Fact is that, the Presence of Holy Al-Mustafa (SAW) amidst the Slanderous Atmosphere doesn’t Stopped Most of the Highest Hierarchy of the Sahābah from Talking even if not as a Nonsensical Discourse; Sayyidinā Umar, Ali and even her Beloved Father Abūbakar (Radhiyallāhu ‘Anhum) have Talked about it, in fact “Total & Complete Silence” has not been Chronicled by Muslim Historians to have been Unanimously Maintained.

Sayyidinā Abūbakar (RTA) Sanctioned his Cousin “Mista’u” not because of his Open Discussion of the Slander Case, rather for his “Believing-In” what the Cursed “Abdullāhi Ibn Ubäy Ibn Salūl”, the “Ringleader” of the “Hypocrites of Madinah” (May Allāh’s Displeasure and Wrath be Upon them All) has Murmured, Mongers and Whispers into the Ears and Hearts of Believers around Rasūlilläh (SAW) in Order to Mischievously Disrupt the Beautifully Unique, Assuring and Tranquilizing Atmosphere of Madinah Al-Munawwaräh Under the “Godly-Guided” Leadership of the Most Supernatural Human Beings ever known to Mankind in the Blessed Person of Muhammadur-Rasūlullāh (SAW).

Yes, the Parable of Ā’ishah’s Ordeal as One of Humanity’s “Best Consort” (Wives) has to be “Discussed and Not Wrongly Disposed” and that was why Allāh Ta’āla Reiterates what the Position of Believers “Should & Must” have been, thus Saying;

{لَّوْ لَا إِذْ سَمِعْتُمُوهُ ظَنَّ الْمُؤْمِنُونَ وَ الْمُؤْمِنَاتُ بِأَنفُسِهِمْ خَيْرًا وَ قَالُوا هَٰذَا إِفْكٌ مُّبِينٌ}

《When you heard of it, why didn’t the Believing Men and the Believing Women have a Good Opinion of themselves, and why did they not say, “This is but a Manifest Slander?”》- Nūr/Verse: 12

The Divine Wording, “Hāzha Ifkun Mubīn” (or, This is a Manifest Slander) Exactly Points to the Fact that there is no Way that Such a Sensitive Issue Should not be Discussed, of Course not as Humans, Perhaps if Angels were the Inhabitants of the Earth, that Could have happened.

The Discussion of Sayyidäh Ā’ishah’s Case was almost on the Lips of Everyone in Madinah, Just as Abdul-Jabbār’s Blasphemous Saga was Trending all over the Media. And that was Precisely why, one Night “Umm Ayyūb” Courageously asked her husband “Abū Ayyūb” Saying;

“Have You not heard about Ā’ishah’s Ordeal Mongering around?”

Interestingly Abū Ayyūb’s reply to his Pious Wife was Simply;

《Glory be to Allāh; This Indeed is a Great Slander》.

A Righteously “Codified Wording” from a Pious Sahābi of Rasūlilläh (SAW) who Knows the Piety, Chastity and Nobility of the Household of the Best of Men which Allāh Ta’āla Technically Approves and Incorporated it into the Clauses Attached to the Case for the Character Assassination of one of the “Mothers-of-Believers”.


We have been Hearing the “Staunch Urge” from Modern Muslim Clerics, Academicians and Uncountable Diehards of Islāmic Fundamentalists Calling on the Ummah to Boycott Social Media Outlets, YouTube and Several Channels including “Google” for Denmark’s Cartoonist Blasphemy against Our Beloved Sayyidinā Rasūlilläh (SAW), and the Most Recent Reprisals towards France for Macron’s “Hate Speech” against Islām, the Muslim Ummah and the Person of Muhammadur-Rasūlullāh (SAW).

The Foremost Wisdom according to those “Islāmic Freedom Fighters” was to Demoralised the Economy of all those Countries and Incur Upon them the “Bitterest Bankruptcy” so that they Sink Down forever because we were Made to Believe by those “Muslim Campaigners” that the Western World Relied 90% on the Material Resources of the Muslim World for their Booming and Gloomy Wellbeing. That is how Hysterically we were Myopically Misguided to Conceive.

With a bit of Brotherly Excuses to those Self-Appointed Campaigners, let us Consider their Clamouring as a “Sheer Ignorance” or a “Failed Exertion” (Al-Khat’u Fil-Ijtihād) as Simple as that.

Every Muslim in this Insidious Era Must get it Clear that the Economic Might of the Western World, their Industrial Powers, Technological and Scientific Advancements Plus their Hegemonic Control of the World through their Military Capabilities, Diplomacy and Carefully Calculated Planting of their Stooges and Surrogates as Political and Economic Leaders of almost the Entire Globe, the Weaker and Poorest Assumption that the Muslim Sanctioning of the “Media and Communication Empires” will affect the Economy of those Countries is nothing but a “Total Reverie” and “Wanton Hallucination” with no Wisdom in it at all.

If any Unenlighten Muslim Today will Assume that the Muslim World will Survive without the Western World is “Poorly Dressed” in his Thought; Of Course it could definitely be another Ummah and not Our Contemporary Present One. If the Enemies of Islām and the Muslims Cannot Stand and Survive except with the Muslims, we are equally on the Same Track with them because they Invented and Manufactured All what we Needed to Run Our Lives. That’s an Undeniable Fact whether we Like it or not. Besides, that Billions of Dollars accruing into the Gigantic Financial Wallets and Poses of the Global Market from Us into the Media and Communication Industries is Just an Unreasonable Amount of Money Compared to what the Western Superpowers Steals Continuously from Our Uncountable Natural Resources.

The Confession from them that they Gave Us Guns to Kill Ourselves while they Came in as “Peace Keeping Forces”, demarcate Huge Areas of Lands within Our Lands, Excavate it and Drain Us Dry. Almost all the Civil Wars, Insurgencies and even the So-called “Jihād Struggles” fought by ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Al-Shabaab, Bõko Harām, ISWAP and Many others were Engineered by these Same People whom we think we “Can Weaken through Our Crazy Boycotts” of their Products. They Came Back to Us amidst the Wars Ravaging Us to offer Us Food Aids, Medicines and other Supplies thinking that they are Helping Our “Internally Displaced Communities” (IDPs) while there is Nothing in their Assistance but another Imported Catastrophe. They Said that themselves and not from Our Mere Assumptions, as “Secretary Clinton” has Mentioned that on Several Occasions.

Indeed, any Position we decide to Take as far as Our Relationship with the Western World is Concern, We are definitely determining Ourselves to Continue Fighting an Endless War with an “Inseparable Enemy” who Produces every Bit and Particle out of the Whole Wherewithal we Need to Keep Body and Soul together as we live within the International Community of Humans.


Few Years back Many of Us Conversant with the Social Media have Read an Invaluable Article advising Parents to Teach their Children “Sex Education” which Seems too quite Ridiculous to hear, but the Last Wording in the Bill Really Makes a lot of Sense, because it Reiterates the Fact that (not Quoting in Verbatim),

“If You don’t Train and Teach them Positively, or You Seem to be Shy to do that, Somebody else will Coach them the Negative Aspect which will Hurt You for the Rest of Your Life”.

Yes, that Absolutely True, because Child Abuse especially the Rampant “Paedophilia” in Schools, Wards and in the Neighbourhood has Made Thousands of Families Miserably Living in Dejection of what have happened to their “Minors” within their Communities.

It is the Same Phenomena with the Modern Muslim World where Our Godfearing Scholars Must absolutely have to Task themselves for the Job of Countering Serious Stuffs on the Social Media Outlets that Seems to Corrupt the Ignorant Muslim’s Minds especially the Youngsters who were always on the “Internet” with the World within the Range of their Fingers, Tapping their Androids into the Unreachable World within Seconds and Minutes to which Nobody Can Control. The World Should either Stop Producing Computers and Smartphones or the Muslim Ummah should Leave as the Most Backward and Uncivilized Society amongst Nations denying Technology.

Once we Realise that the Media as of Today is “Uncontrollable” which Nobody has the absolute Power to Control, then we get to Know and Understand that We
“Must” be Vigil to everything on the Media Outlets otherwise we Shall Continue to See the Destruction of what we Laboriously Suffered for being Destroyed in the Twinkling of the Eyes.

At the same Time as the Struggle is Continuing, We Must be Optimistic rather than Remaining within Pessimistic Zones thinking that we Can’t Correct it, or when we Attempt to do so, Somebody Out there will Tell us that we Empowering Our Enemies and Giving them “Free Cash”, that’s Absolutely an “Idiot Thought”.

Ambassador “Usmān Ari Ogah”, President Nigerian Ambassador to Indonesia Once said;

“Government will Spend Billions of Naira in Order to Reach to a Crime which Amounts to Only Few Millions; The Wisdom is to Understand how that Particular Crime was Committed, and hence Find Ways to Stamp it Out for Future Occurrence”. Ambassador Y. S. Santuraki, Present Nigerian Ambassador to Iran Confirmed this Argument to be Right.

Now, when we Carefully Look to the “Prodigal” of Muslims Indulgence into Social Media today, it definitely becomes Inevitable that we Wouldn’t Care to bother how Much Our Enemy Makes a Profit.

The Truth and Fact Remains that we Just Can’t “Scribble” Over the Sacrilegious Talks and Blasphemous Remarks of Ignorant Muslims, or those Made by Enemies of Islām Just because Someone Out there Seems to be Wrongly Influencing Our Minds that Our Enemies are Getting Richer Whenever we go in to do Something. Let Us not React, or let Our Scholars Remain Mute to the Peril of Our Own Children and the Larger Community of Our Ummah who Majority are the Uneducated Ones.

Yes, it is Manageably Understandable that Not All Should be Allowed to Listen or Watch Blasphemous Talks because that Might Influence them, that Can be So of Course if we Can be able to Control that “Inevitable Evil”, the Most Famous “Internet” if we Can; But we absolutely “We Can’t”, because we all know that we Can’t. Therefore All Muslim Scholars Must be Constantly on the Internet to Abreast themselves to what is Actually going on and Directly Posing Invisible Dangers to Our Ummah, thus Gnawing Away the “Faith” (Īmān) of Millions and Millions of Our Brothers and Sisters across the Globe.

Nobody will Challenge the Fact that Without the Social Media Outlets, no One Could have ever Noticed that “Abdul-Jabbār Nāsiru Kabara” has done anything Wrong not to even Talk of the Blasphemy he has Made.


The Basic Function of any Government is to Provide a Full Security Guard to its Citizens, Protecting their Lives and Properties.

Wherever in the World where Peace and Prosperity Reigns, for Sure there is in Existence Maximum Amount of “Discipline” in the Majority of its Fellow Countrymen and Women that Creates a Conducive Atmosphere for Peaceful Co-existence.

The Foundation of all Insecurities Emanates from “Hate Speeches”, because even Drums of Civil and World Wars were All Beaten from the Commencement of “Hate Speeches”.

Conventional “Social Scientists” have these Documented Facts as the “Cornerstone” behind all Social Unrest, Insurgencies and Wars.

Many of Us in the Academia have Advised the Federal Government in Nigeria to Carefully Study the Dangers of “Hate Speeches” that have Caused this Great Country Series of Serious Problems over the Years and Look into the Ways of how it will be Squarely Dealt with.

The Problem Underlying beneath Blasphemy and Sacrilegious Statements will Seem to Appear a “Child’s Play” to Many, but the Catastrophic Effects of the “Silence” of the Federal Government, States and Emirate Councils towards Addressing the Problem is not only going to be a “National Disaster” in the Most Nearest Future, in fact the Consequential Aftermath Awaits Generations of Our Great-Grand Unborn children.

May The Almighty Allāh Ta’āla Come to Our Rescue, Forgive Our Lapses, and Endow Us with the Ability to Work for the Uplifting of His Cause.

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